Announcing an Emergency Alert System for Orange Hunt Square

During the January 2016 blizzard, the Board of Directors felt that it was important to inform members and residents of plowing and trash services. To make these notifications, the Association sent out mass emails utilizing email addresses obtained though prior communications with members. These notifications were well received and appreciated.

Based on this support, the Board created an official list to be used only to send messages regarding the status of snow removal and trash/recycling services. If any member or resident desires to be on this list they should contact our Maintenance Officer via e-mail at:

Please include your name and the e-mail address (or addresses) you would like to add to the list. If you prefer to receive text messages, please provide your phone number and your carrier (Verizon, Sprint, T-Moble, AT&T, etc.). 

Orange Hunt Square Homeowners Association
Orange Hunt Square Homeowners Association