Sellers are encouraged to include the Associations website address in their listing as potential buyers will then have access to most association documents. These documents will provide answers to a lot of the questions potential buyers might ask. Minutes of Association meetings are only available to members.

Sellers should also be aware that the Virginia Property Owners Association Act, 55-509.4,  requires the seller to obtain from the property owners' association an association disclosure packet and provide it to the purchaser. This disclosure package takes approx 2 weeks to complete and costs $100.

Since part of the disclosure package includes an inspection of your property by the Architectural Committee, requesting the package too soon could result in the need for a package update. A package update will cost the seller an additional $50.

To minimize the need for a re-inspection, sellers are encouraged to request a package after they have accepted a bid vs. when placing the property on the market.

To request a disclosure package or a package update, contact the Association Secretary via e-mail to "Attention: Secretary" at
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